Mountain and ski guide Peter Perhab

I grew up on the Guttenberghaus, a shelter in the Dachstein Mountains at 2,164 meters above sea level. I owe this fact to a natural familiarity with the mountains that accompanies me on my tours.

My passion is in the warm season of rock climbing and freeriding in the winter months. Guided tours through the Dachstein south wall via the Steinerweg or the Pichlweg or a freeride tour through the Edelgries always give me great days. I like being on the road but also in the high mountains in the Alps and on lonely ski tours.

For me it is still a privilege to be able to practice mountain and ski guides. Sharing the enthusiasm for the mountains and the beauty of nature with like-minded people is the driving force behind many unforgettable mountain tours around the world.

In addition to my leadership role, I am lucky enough to be able to work as an instructor in some training courses, which gives me access to new developments and techniques in mountain sports that always give me and my customers small advantages.

See you on the mountain!

Mountain and ski guide Peter Perhab - Apartment Montanara
  • My fields of expertise

    • State-certified and officially authorized mountain and ski guides
    • State-certified ski instructor
    • Partner in the mountain guide office in Ramsau am Dachstein
    • Instructor in mountain and ski guide training
    • Training director of the Styrian Mountain Guides Association
    • Instructor in ski instructor training
    • Member of the training team of the Styrian Mountain Rescue
    • Squad leader Mountain Rescue Ramsau am Dachstein

History of the mountain guides

Steiner brothers

Steiner brothers

Irg and Franz Steiner - mountain guide legends from Ramsau am Dachstein. First ascent of the Dachstein south face via Steinerweg on September 22, 1909.

One of the major alpine challenges today is still the Steinerweg. Who is allowed to enter this tour in his tour book, is an excellent climber.

Once and now

The first mountain guides were shepherds and mountain farmers who offered during the summer months the mostly British traveler, alpine experiences. In the course of the increasing tourist development of the mountain regions in the 19th century, the need for this activity increased, so that the work as a mountain and ski guide has been a separate profession with binding, regulated training paths and a legally protected title for several decades.

Mountain and ski guide training in Austria currently takes at least 3 years, whereby extensive alpinistic experience must be demonstrated beforehand, and the existing skills for this professional training are determined in the course of an entrance examination.

Many organizations, such as the Austrian mountain rescue service or the alpine associations, use the state-certified mountain and ski guide as an instructor or as a mountain guide on demanding tours.

Today, a state-certified mountain and ski guide is a specialist and reliable companion for mountain tours of all kinds and a contact person for all aspects of mountain climbing.

Guided tours and climbing courses in summer

Exercise via ferrata for adults and children Guttenberghaus-apartment Montanara
Climbing course Guttenberghaus-guided climbing tour apartment Montanara Ramsau am Dachstein
Via ferrata tours at the Dachstein Apartment Montanara Ramsau am Dachstein
Via ferrata tours at the Dachstein Apartment Montanara Ramsau am Dachstein

Rates for guided tours

All prices are determined according to the tariffs of the Styrian Mountain and Ski Guide Association and after being lifted on uniform guidelines which are offered with other regional associations. A daily rate is the minimum rate that mountain guides are entitled to and that serves as the basis for the calculation of all guided tours. Daily rate for 2020 is € 360, -.

The costs for climbing tours vary depending on the length, difficulty and the security of a tour and are agreed individually.

Daily and climbing tariffs apply to one person. For two or more people, the tariff increases by 20% to 50% per person, depending on the difficulty and time required.

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